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Viktor Čech (ed.)
Choreography of Thought – Effort – Body Movement as a Space-time (dis)continuity

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Can physical movement be considered a metaphor for our thought? Can we understand it as a method which allows us to relate to thought processes by other than verbal means? The project was constructed around these questions, and connects the exhibition with a series of lectures, screenings and discussions which will be realized in GAMU throughout the upcoming year. Their shared interest lies in the zone where contemporary dance and choreography meets visual and fine art, exploring the relationship of our bodily movement and its structure with various aspects of our reality. 

This publication is a catalog summarizing the entire project, but at the same time it also contains a set of theoretical texts by the curator and several participating artists. These are either directly related to the given issue, or take into account the ideological background of the creation of the given personalities and works. Similar to the year-long process of collective dialogue and disciplinary transgressions, this book is also the result of a joint dance in which the individual participants changed their roles and points of view several times.

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NAMU 2023

ISBN 978-807331-603-7, published by Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Prague 2022, 1st edition, 162 pages, size 145x205 mm, V2 binding.

Doporučená cena 181 Kč.


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